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Punch Card Promotion

Welcome to the Little Bugz Boutique punch card program! The punch card program is our way of rewarding our loyal customers with free outfits!

This program is available to legal residents of the United States that have purchased at 10 outfits from Little Bugz Boutique. Outfits must have a final dollar value of at least $15 to qualify for the punch card promotion.

This page is here to help answer some questions you may have about how this program works.

What happens when I fill a punch card?

Upon completing a punch card, you will receive an email at the end of the week at the email address you provided at checkout. The email will inform you that you have earned a free outfit, and will include a link to redeem your reward.

Why do some of the things I bought not count as a punch?

To qualify for a punch on your punch card, an outfit must have a final dollar value of at least $15 after all discounts and promotions have been applied. Please note that when an order has a fixed dollar discount, the discount will be distributed evenly among all items in the order, weighted according to the product's original cost.

If you think we've made a mistake, just reply to this email and let us know! We'll help make it right.

How are you keeping track of my punch card?

Your punch card is linked to your Little Bugz Boutique account. If you do not create an account, we will still try to group your purchases based on your email address.

Can you tell me what outfits count towards my punch card?

Absolutely! Every week that you buy an outfit, we will send you an email showing the current state of your punch card and what outfits you bought that are counting towards your punch card.

This email is usually sent every Sunday evening. If you didn't get an email, check your spam folder and make sure you've subscribed to receive emails. We will not (and cannot) send you this email if you have requested not to receive emails.

If you would like to see this list sooner or if you think we've made a mistake, just let us know and we'll make it right!

Can I get any outfit I want?

Once you have earned a free outfit, a link will be sent to you which will take you to a collection of outfits available for the free outfit promotion. You will be able to choose any outfit from that collection.

Are the free outfits different than what you normally sell?

Nope! The outfits you can pick from are a subset of what we sell on our normal website. They are the same quality and style of what we normally sell.

How will I get my free outfit?

You have two options to receive your free outfit: You can either pay for shipping to receive it immediately, or you can request that the outfit be sent with your next order at no additional cost.

How long will I have to claim my free outfit?

Once you receive a free promo-code, you will have 1 year to claim your free outfit, starting from the date of the original email informing you of your ability to claim your free outfit.