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About Us

My name is Amber Walker and I am a wife and a stay home mother of 4 beautiful children. Like any parent I am always looking for the best deals on clothes, shoes, and toys to help raise our children.

Because I wanted to be able to stay home with my children, I decided to make Little Bugz Boutique an eCommerce business. I love the idea of giving parents the opportunity to save money while raising their children and having fun while doing it.

When deciding what to sell, I ask myself, “Would I put this on my child?” If the answer is, "No," then I won’t sell it. I don't expect another mom to put clothing on their child that I wouldn't put on mine. 

We sell a wide variety of clothing such as used, New and Boutique items. We offer sizes Newborn through 10/12 and shoes for toddler 0-12. Everything is in the highest of quality because we strive to never sell anything with visible blemishes.

I have been running my online kids consignment store now for 5 years and wanted to find away to expand to meet a lot more demand. So I got my whole sale license to start buying Boutique items from wholesale venders

We are very proud to have been chosen to be an exclusive retailer for  Pete + Lucy Boutique, as well as Wellington Company, Marie Elizabeth, and Okie and Lou. We also have several different brands available as well as our very own line. All very high quality boutique lines with exclusive designs. 

I absolutely love what I do and when I expanded my store into 2 different websites this has tuned into my full time job. So thank you all for supporting my small business and know that it’s helping support my big family.

Little Bugz Boutique has a DBA license to run under Kids Consign It, which is a  registered  limited liability company (LLC) with the State of Colorado.

If you are looking for consignment items at a great price checkout our consignment website: